Well it's safe to say that Jj Abrams' 'Stranger' trailer isn't a teaser for a new line of Topshop clothing. The truly creepy clip, which shows a bedraggled man emerging unsteadily from the water before panning to another, more terrifying man with his mouth sewn shut, was released on Abrams' Bad Robot YouTube channel and suddenly the internet was abuzz with what the video could be promoting.

JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams' New Clip Is Driving Us Crazy With Intrigue.

Film fans were quick to point out the 'Stranger' clip could be related to upcoming NBC television show, Believe, that Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón are said to be working on. The show will reportedly feature a girl with supernatural abilities and an escaped prisoner who protects her. Could we have seen the ex-con climbing out of the water after a long and tiring escape swim?

Watch The 'Stranger' Teaser:

Another suggestion is that the teaser isn't for anything screen-based; it's for a book. Author Doug Dorst and Abrams are said to have been working on an original title, S., that publishers Mulholland Books described as a "multilayered literary puzzle of love and adventure. [This] is a book of mysterious provenance. In the margins, another tale unfolds-through the hand-scribbled notes, questions, and confrontations of two readers." The publishing house also promises that "Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, will be promoting the book leading up to and at publication time." With an October release, some promo now would be about right.

JJ Abrams Stranger
Any Guesses As To What's Going On In The 'Stranger' Vid?

Others have guessed that 'Stranger' could be promoting another new TV series, namely Phantom Stranger, adapted from the DC Comics books of the same name. Gifted with the ability for magic, the Stranger battles occult forces and wear a cloak so the weird factor of the clip is there. However, where would the stitched up mouth fit in?

JJ Abrams Red Carpet
If It's Star Wars Related, We Could Be Waiting Some Time.

Maybe 'Stranger' is something Star Wars related? The next Star Wars movie instalment, episode VII, is probably Abrams' biggest project on the horizon. However, the clip has coincided with the news that the movie's release has been pushed back from summer 2015 to winter so it's unlikely any teaser material would be being released this early.

As the soft piano music, and growly narrator's voice are gone, we are left with "Soon he will know": the words emblazoned on the screen at the end of the unsettling YouTube vid that fade to simply "Soon." Does that mean us too?