The rape claims against the late Jimmy Savile total up to 31, police have reported. According to the statement made by Scotland Yard officials, so far 589 people have come forward with information and a total of 450 complaints have been made, mainly citing sexual abuse. Of the alleged victims, 82% were women and 80% were children or young people at the time of the reported incidents. The investigation has been going on for 10 weeks and new information keeps coming in. Savile is currently a suspect on 31 rape counts in 7 police force areas, AFP reports.

All of the accusations against Savile span 17 force areas in total. The avalanche is dragging in more and more people, with Operation Yewtree having resulted in the detainment of seven suspects and aiding in the arrest of three more nationwide. “More arrests will be forthcoming,” a representative of Scotland Yard stated. The former pop star Gary Glitter is among those arrested and has later been released on bail.

The Operation Yewtree investigation is focused in three main areas: claims against Savile himself, claims against Savile and others, as well as claims solely against other people. Scotland Yard is preparing to release a report on the entire operation sometime in 2013. The reputation of the BBC has also been brought into question, as they were Savile's employer for the length of time that the former TV personality's alleged offences took place.