The BBC's handling of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, which included the mismanagement of a Newsnight expose, has been summed up in a report; a report that labels the BBC as "completely incapable" and "chaotic", The Guardian reports.

"This report shows that the level of chaos and confusion was even greater than was apparent at the time. The efforts to get to the truth behind the Savile story proved beyond the combined efforts of the senior management, legal department, corporate communications team and anyone else for well over a month," Nick Pollard, the former head of Sky News, said in a 185-page report. "Leadership and organisation seemed to be in short supply," he continued, adding at a press conference following the report's publication: "There was an element of personal difficulty between the key personalities as well, that's quite shocking in a way. Newsrooms can only operate on the basis of trust and mutual confidence and discussion. A lot of that was missing." One senior BBC executive resigned and another three were moved from their jobs following the publication report, in which he described the scandal as "one of the worst management crises in the BBC's history".

Lord Patten - the chairman of the BBC Trust - said he welcomed the report's findings that there was no cover-up of the Newsnight report, saying it was an allegation that went "right to the heart of the BBC's reputation and integrity". He added that the whole affair suffered a "lack of professional camaraderie and a lack of collegiate behaviour which I find pretty surprising".