Ever wondered why Sir Jimmy Savile - one of the Britain's most prolific charity fundraisers - never appeared on Children in Need, the BBC's UK charity that has raised over £600 million and changed the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the country?

Well, in light of recent revelations, you can probably take a wild guess why the British cooperation never wanted him involved. In a new interview with BBC Wales, former governor and Children in Need chairman Sir Roger Jones said he had suspicions about Savile and felt so strongly about the matter that he would not allow the presenter any involvement with the famous charity. Jones said he always felt Savile was a "pretty creepy sort of character," adding, "When I was with Children in Need, we took the decision that we didn't want him anywhere near the charity and we just stepped up our child protection policies which again would have put him at risk if he tried anything." Of course, Jones was extremely concerned about the potential of paedophiles becoming associated with the children's charity, saying, "They were just like flies around the honey pot. Not just in the fundraising, but also in the distribution of funds. I mean, if we had given money to a paedophile group, the sky would have fallen in on the BBC. So we were very, very careful, we were on red alert."

Sir Roger's comments come shortly after former glam rocker Gary Glitter was arrested on suspicion of sex offences by the Savile investigation police. He has since been released on bail.