How embarrassing: funny-man Jimmy Savile’s headstone was revealed at a ceremony yesterday (September 20th) with a spelling mistake etched into the granite, reports The Guardian.

"Chieftan of Lochaber Highland Games,” read the headstone, misspelling the word “Chieftain, which will cause much embarrassment for the Funeral director Robert Morphet, who vowed: “It will be put right, whatever it takes.” The star's dying wish was to be buried at a 45 degree angle in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, which meant months had to pass before the ground was firm enough to plant his demanding memorial. Amongst the visitors to the headstone was Retired deputy head master Mr Foster, 67, from the sleepy Yorkshire town of Goole. He said: "Jimmy's legacy will be long lasting. The Jimmy Savile charity trust will soon start giving money to good causes.”

"He was just an ordinary bloke from the back streets of Leeds but everyone loved him and wants to pay their respects,” continued Foster. "I dare say soon there will be an ice cream stall and someone selling Jim'll Fix It badges. We feel very proud. I think Jimmy would be highly amused and honoured because he always liked a bit of fun. I bet he is loving this up there. He had made the rain stop and is looking down at us laughing. He always said he would never have a headstone because he wasn't going anywhere but if had to have one it should have 'It was good while it lasted' on it." Nice words.