The late DJ Jimmy Savile's headstone was broken up and sent to landfill this week as allegations against the broadcaster begin to grow.. Savile allegedly handpicked certain patients on "ward rounds" at Buckinghamshire hospital who he would subsequently abuse at his flat on the site, a former nurse has revealed. Young patients would "pretend to be asleep" so as not to be picked by the Yorkshire-born star, reports The Telegraph.

The claims come as police forces work tirelessly to wade through the seemingly endless allegations that have been made against Savile since an ITV exposure documentary was aired last week. Though the BBC initially remained cautious on the allegations, it has since opened up a full investigation, while Scotland Yard has described Savile as a "predatory sex offender." His list of alleged victims currently stands at around 30, though that figure is likely to swell dramatically in the coming weeks. Savile, whose headstone was removed from his resting place in Scarborough, is thought to have molested girls in his dressing room at the BBC, though is also accused of preying on young people in schools, children's homes and hospitals. A former patient at Stoke Mandeville, Rebecca Owen told BBC News, "It was an air of resignation that you had to put up with.There was some sort of ironic chatter between them (patients) about who would be the lucky one to go off to his room.And then as one of the nurses was leaving or passing by my bed she leant over and said the best thing you can do is stay in bed until he's gone and pretend to be asleep."

A café at Buckinghamshire hospital named after Savile is likely to change its name. Sylvia Nicol, a trustee said, "I feel sad, really. I feel bereaved, really, and just so unhappy.I only know that in 38 years I did not see anything like that and if you did you would report it immediately."