The Metropolitan Police are believed to be holding talks with a 'mystery man' into the ongoing child abuse claims against the late Jimmy Savile.

Police are remaining tight-lipped on the identity of the latest person to be brought into talks relating to the claims of sexual abuse stretching for more than half a century, although it is known that the mystery person is an OAP in his 80s.

The police meeting with the unknown man took place at Scotland Yard yesterday (Nov 29) and lasted until just after 5pm, with the Met telling the press afterwards that the suspect, from Berkshire, was allowed to return home after the interrogation. The man's questioning is related to a wider investigation looking into claims of child abuse and other such offences not solely related to the Savile case.

So far, the wider investigation has led to the arrest of the already convicted paedophile Gary Glitter, comic Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and an unnamed man in his 70s, thought to be ex-TV producer Wilfred De’Ath, all of whom have been released on bail.

The ongoing investigation relating to Savile has so far seen Police being confronted with close to 450 potential victims — most of whom are claiming that Savile abused, or attempted to abuse, them.