Former 'Newsnight' presenter Jeremy Vine has become the latest current BBC employee to speak out over the alleged acts of Sir Jimmy Savile. Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Vine was asked his thoughts on recent allegations that suggest the former promoter, DJ and TV presenter molested underage girls during his time at the BBC.

"The fact that a person was using his BBC prestige and maybe even BBC dressing rooms to attack young children I find completely disgusting as a father of two young daughters" fumed Vine, according to The Telegraph. "I cannot believe that it happened for such a sustained period that we may be looking at one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history - and he was on our doorstep. I find it disgusting."

'Newsnight' were supposed to run an expose on Savile last year before the star's death; Vine didn't work for the program them then, but said: "I think we do need to find out what happened. If the material they shelved was the same material that ITV put out that is very serious - but I am not sure it was. The big story is if there was any kind of link up between the hagiographies on BBC 1 and the exposes on BBC 2. I think this was a case of the organisation being somewhat dislocated."

"I don't think the editor took the decision not to run it for whatever reason...but it now looks unfortunately as if they didn't run the expose because they were running the tributes and that is why it is such a toxic thing" Vine continued.