Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the New York Times chairman and publisher today publically backed the incoming chief executive and former BBC Director General, Mark Thompson, who has been heavily implicated in the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal, after his decision not to air a revealing documentary. 

"In the months leading to our decision to bring Mark to the Times Co., Michael Golden, our vice chairman, and I, along with the rest of our board of directors, got to know Mark very well," said Sulzberger in a letter to his staff. "Our opinion was then and remains now that he possesses high ethical standards and is the ideal person to lead our company." Sulzberger finished the letter by saying that the Times would continue to cover the Savile story "with objectivity and rigor" after Thompson starts work at the Times on Nov. 12.

The Savile case still continues to unravel in the UK, and is taking over the country as new evidence comes to light every day. Today, Commander Peter Spindler of London's Metropolitan Police said police have so far spoken to 130 of the alleged victims and documented 114 alleged crimes of sexual assault or serious sexual assault, according to The Wall Street Journal, who also report that a staggering 300 young girls and boys have been victim to Savile’s reported abuse. Stay close to Contact Music for more in the coming weeks.