Jimmy Savile's family say they do not want "a penny" of his money after the late presenter's estate was frozen in response to mounting sex abuse claims against him. Relatives of Savile, who died last year, say funds from his £4.3 million estate should go to "genuine victims" of the lives his destroyed.

His nephew Guy Marsden, a roofer from Leeds, said he and his family did not expect or want the BBC star's money. "I don't want a penny of it. I don't deserve this money." Marsden told the Evening Standard that he attended several parties as a teenager where young children were encouraged to have sex with celebrities, including film stars and politicians. "I am ashamed of him and we now know he was a monster. His poison is still spreading and if genuine victims of his received some money, I think it could help them." Natwest Bank, who acted as executor and trustee of Savile' estate said, "Given the claims raised, distribution of the estate has been put on hold." The presenter's will named 26 beneficiaries with £20,000 to be shared between 20 friends, family and neighbours. Eight people were to share the interest from £600,000 in a trust fund. The remaining £3.7 million was to be held on behalf of The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust.

Scotland Yard is leading a national investigation into Savile's sex abuse, with more than 300 potential victims thought to have come forward.