Despite there already being two arrests in connection to the allegations made against Jimmy Savile's associates, another arrest of his old chauffeur and flatmate, Ray Teret, having been accused of rape, is apparently unrelated to Savile, reports the Telegraph.

Ray Teret, aged 51, and his current flatmate, a 61 year old man, have both been arrested for a 'historic rape', which refers to a rape from a year ago or more. According to the Telegraph when Teret and Saville lived together during the 1960s they became so close that they referred to one another as father and son- Teret called Savile 'Dad'. 

Detective Inspector Simon Davies of Greater Manchester Police gave a statement that said:

"The arrest follows an investigation by the serious sexual offences unit into three separate allegations of historic sexual abuse which have been reported to Greater Manchester Police since October 28... I want to make it absolutely clear that this is not an investigation into the late Jimmy Savile, nor do any of the allegations relate to any involvement by Savile.

"The victims who have come forward have shown tremendous courage and our primary focus is to support these victims during what is clearly a very traumatic time for them. We have a duty to investigate their complaints thoroughly."

Although Inspector Davies wants to ensure that the two investigations don't get tangled, this is simply further testament to the sordid company Savile kept, and the unhealthy approach to sex that surrounded him.