Sir Jimmy Savile was regularly given the keys to a Leeds hospital building where he would arrive with teenage girls in the early hours. An ex-porter told the BBC that Savile would take girls to the nurses' accommodation and leave before dawn.

Leeds General Infirmary said there was no records of complaints against Savile during the time he was working there, though police are now probing claims the TV star abused around 300 youngsters. Former porter Terry Pratt said he became suspicious when Savile began arriving in the middle of the night in the late 1980s with teenage girls who seemed "star struck." He said Savile would arrive at about 1am or 2am, spending a couple of hours there and drop the keys back about 5am. "He would go up and see the lad on the desk [and he would say] 'Here's the key, Jim, make sure I get it back.' He'd take the key and... would walk out and the two women would follow him towards the nurses' home." Mr Pratt said he did not report Savile's behaviour at the time, though would be willing to speak further with police. "We daren't... we were in awe of him to be honest," he added.

Earlier this month, a former Broadmoor Hospital patient claimed Savile had the keys to the hospital and was given his own room during the 1970s.