The former chauffeur and flatmate of Jimmy Savile, Ray Teret, has been arrested in connection with rape allegations dating back to the sixties but police insist it is NOT related to the ongoing investigations into the numerous sexual abuse claims made against Savile.

The ex-support DJ and friend of Savile, 71, was taken into custody at his six-bedroomed Cheshire property along with his current lodger Alan Ledger, 61, after three different accusations of sexual assault came to police attention.'I want to make it absolutely clear that this is not an investigation into the late Jimmy Savile, nor do any of the allegations relate to any involvement by Savile', said Detective Inspector Simon Davies of the Greater Manchester Police. 'The victims who have come forward have shown tremendous courage. We have a duty to investigate their complaints thoroughly.'

According to a spokesperson for the police, the pair have since been bailed until November 29th 2012 while further investigations are made. The allegations come after the late TV and radio presenter and charity worker Sir Jimmy Savile was posthumously accused of sexual abuse on over 300 underage girls and boys during his years on the radio and his 'Jim'll Fix It' program.