Though it’s recognised as the Jimmy Savile case, the investigation into sexual abuse practices in the 1970s has long gone beyond the alleged actions of the disgraced former DJ, and now the BBC reports that another unnamed man in his 70’s has been arrested in connection to the search.

Savile, who died last year, allegedly abused some 450 victims, many of whom were underage. The revelations have seen other high profile names arrested in connection to the case, including PR consultant Max Clifford, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and former TV producer Wilfred De’Ath, former pop star Gary Glitter and former TV host and sports commentator Stuart Hall. Now an unnamed man has joined them, arrested in the early hours of this morning (December 19, 2012) and held in custody in a south London police station. Officials have given no further information on the details of the allegations.

The man is the seventh person to have been arrested related to the investigation, with police saying that some 589 alleged victims have come forward regards sexual offences committed by Savile and others since the inquiries began. There are several different strands of inquiry currently taking place: the first, called Operation Yewtree, is dealing directly with those charges levelled at the late Savile; there are also numerous investigations into practices at his former employer the BBC during the 70’s, with another investigating why they dropped a Newsnight report on Savile last year. Furthermore, the department of health are investigating its own conduct into allowing Savile to lead a task force overseeing management of security psychiatric hospital Broadmoor in 1998.