A Highland councillor has begun discussing plans to demolish a cottage that belonged to the disgraced BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, in Glencoe.

The cottage has become the target of vandalism, since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke and Andrew Baxter, the local councillor for the area, feels that the local community would benefit from the demolition of the building.

Talking to BBC Radio Scotland, Mr Baxter explained “There has been lots of talk of alternative uses such as a respite centre, or perhaps a mountain centre to get disabled people into our hills. But I feel rather uneasy about some of those options especially considering some of the revelations we have seen in recent weeks. If it was the opinion in the local community but to erase the memories of Savile in the glen then perhaps demolition is the only option.” The cottage was originally going to be sold after Savile’s death, but his charitable trust halted the plans, stating that they wished to convert it into a respite centre for the disabled. However, that charity has now closed down, in the wake of the scandal.

Jimmy Savile has been posthumously accused of allegedly abusing hundreds of underage girls and possibly boys, as well, during his time as a well-known BBC TV presenter. His name has already been removed from one of the halls at the Royal Armouries centre in Leeds and his elaborate gravestone was removed from the graveyard in Scarborough, out of respect for those resting there and their families. This cottage in Scotland could well be the latest reminder of Savile to be obliterated to avoid any further hatred being directed towards it.