There have been two further arrests in the Scotland Yard’s Yewtree Operation – the sex offence investigation set up as a result of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal. BBC News report that a 53 year old and a 59 year old have been arrested, according to the Metropolitan Police. Officers from Operation Yewtree arrested the 53 year old at 08:00 GMT at an address in Hampshire and the 59 year old was arrested at 12:00 GMT in West London. Both suspects were taken to custody local police stations.

According to police, the arrests were not connected to the allegations made against Jimmy Savile in any way, though it is currently unknown whether or not the men are public figures or not. The Operation Yewtree investigation has been formed with three strands. One is to investigate the claims made against Sir Jimmy Savile. Another is to look at allegations made against Savile and other people as well and a third is to investigate claims made against other people. The two men arrested today are the ninth and tenth to have been arrested as part of operation Yewtree.

Jimmy Savile died aged 84, in 2011. Last year, ITV broadcast a documentary which unveiled allegations of his sexual abuse of underage children. Since the documentary aired, many other similar allegations have also ben made against him. The police have stated that 450 victims have come forward to make allegations about Savile, alone.