The TV entertainer Freddie Starr has been recalled to a police station, so that they can further question him regarding allegations of sexual offences, in relation to the ongoing Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Sky News report today (November 2, 2012). Though Starr has strenuously denied any involvement in the scandal - and has publicly denounced Savile, for the allegations that have been made against him - Karin Ward has accused Starr of molesting her in 1974.

Ward was the primary interviewee in the ITV documentary that initially exposed Savile’s history of the sexual abuse of minors. She appeared on the BBC show Clunk Click in 1974, alongside Freddie Starr and Jimmy Savile and has alleged that Starr touched her inappropriately at the BBC studio. Initially, Freddie Starr denied appearing on the show. However, it was quickly proven that he did in fact appear on the show, at which point his lawyer issued a statement to say that Mr Starr had been “mistaken” and that he now admitted to having been on the show.

Today, The Guardian also reports that BBC producers “had doubts” about the TV presenter Jimmy Savile as far back as the 1960s. “Savile was thought to be dodgy, there was a feeling he was heavy, you didn't cross him, he was a heavy dude,” said Paul Jackson, the producer of shows such as The Young Ones and Red Dwarf.