As attention builds on the alleged sexual activities of the late DJ and promoter Sir Jimmy Savile, a former press officer for BBC Radio 1 has said that he was aware of allegations made about Savile when both of them were employed by the company in the 1970s. Former Radio 1 controller Rodney Collins alleges that back in 1973 he was asked by the then-station controller Douglas Muggeridge to look into whether newspapers were investigating sexual allegations levelled at Savile. He also said that the BBC should conduct a full investigation now that allegations were seeing fresh light.

"The BBC should now - having first of all said they knew nothing about this - there should be a full inquiry, they should co-operate with the police. If anyone working there at the time had some knowledge of this they should put their hands up," Collins told The Guardian. He downplayed the suggestion that something definitely did go on however. "Douglas Muggeridge was an incredibly honourable man and had he thought there was legs to it then I think he would not have left it with me making inquiries," he said. "What happened was very clear. He [Muggeridge] picked something up, I don't know where from, and asked me to look into it. I did. There was nothing known [that was proven]."

This statement comes out as ITV prepare to show a documentary on British television tonight (October 3rd) that investigates claims that Savile indulged in sexual abuse with minors during his career. Savile died last Autumn aged 84.