The Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile and his unsavoury antics that was dropped by the network's executives is being investigated to see why the show was dropped in the first place, with former BBC director general Mark Thompson said to have already given a statement for the inquest.

The independent Pollard Review, which is being chaired by former Sky News executive Nick Pollard, is seeking to establish whether there were any "failings" in the decision to drop the Newsnight investigation that was meant to go to air while Thompson, now president of The New York Times, was still in charge of the broadcasting corporation. Mr Pollard spoke to press after a meeting recently when he reassured that the review was making "good progress".

Mr Thompson began his new job earlier this month whilst the turmoil at his old employers was reaching boiling point. According to the BBC, his appointment is already being questioned by a number of staff members at his new offices, who said they wanted to know more about his part in the crisis at the network. The ongoing review will also take into consideration the BBC's handling of some potentially sensitive material which may have been of use to the police in the ongoing investigation into child abuse claims against the late Savile and several other BBC employees.