Dave Lee Travis - the former BBC presenter - has denied any wrongdoing after he was arrested by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. Speaking outside his own in Bedfordshire following his release, Travis stressed that allegations against him had "nothing to do with kids," reports The Independent. 

The 67-year-old made it clear that he did not want his name associated with "bloody evil" child abuse, adding, "This is nothing to do with kids, all right? That's the first thing. Because that to me is the most important thing in the world and I do not wish to have my name sullied around something that bloody evil, to be honest." Travis, who also hosted the BBC's Top of the Pops programme, explained, "I'm going to make one thing extremely clear to you, and I'd be really obliged if you all make sure that this gets into your articles and gets on to the television and you don't leave this bit out - the Savile probe is nothing to do with things I've been talking to the police about." Scotland Yard has split its inquiry into three strands: those directly related to Savile, those involving Savile, and those it referred to as "others." Speaking further about the details of his arrest, Travis somewhat unnervingly adding, "So let's get down to brass tacks here - the first thing is I've been talking to the police about sexual... I can't even remember what the word is now - in the old days it was called 'putting your arm around somebody and giving them a cuddle' but nowadays God knows."

His comments come after Travis' weekend radio show was taken off air "with immediate effect" by Magic AM following his arrest.