Following the recent revelations about the club DJ, promoter and television host Sir Jimmy Savile's exploits with underage girls, discussion is now turning to whether or not the late celebrity should be stripped of his knighthood. The news comes at the same time that it's being widely reported that charitable trusts with Savile's name involved will be dropping his name and has seen a strong push by UK newspaper The Sun for the campaign to be carried through.

With ITV showing a documentary that accused Savile of several instances of underage sexual criminality dating back to his heyday in the 70s, several alleged victims have spoken out. In addition, the BBC have relented and announced that an investigation will take place into the doings of Savile whilst he was employed by them. A statement from children's charity NSPCC to The Sun supported the campaign, saying: "When the evidence has been substantiated, we'd support looking at this. It's clear he was not the man people thought he was when he was knighted." Meanwhile Tory MP Philip Davies commented "If any allegations had been proven beforehand, he wouldn't have got a knighthood."

With Parliament involved, there is a chance that the knighthood will be revoked. Although knighted by the Queen, the honours list comes from Westminster, and it is they who have the power to change it.