Following the recent ITV expose on the late club promoter, DJ and personality Sir Jimmy Savile, the BBC, where he was employed for a period, have come out urging anyone who worked at the company in the time he was there to come forward if they have any information regarding the Yorkshireman's sexual activities. The ITV documentary, shown on Wednesday night (October 3rd) suggested that Savile had indulged in numerous sexual activities with underage girls back in the heyday of his career in the 70s, and that the BBC had covered such incidents up.

Now the BBC's new director general George Entwistle has sent an email to current staff urging them to "come forward" and talk to police if they have any information that might help an investigation into the allegations. "The police are the only people with the proper powers to assess criminal allegations, and they have made it clear to me that any BBC internal enquiry in parallel would run the risk of damaging or impeding their work," said Entwistle.

He did however once again reiterate the party line that the BBC has held since the allegations, made by five women, came to light recently, that "We have found nothing at this stage to suggest any known wrong-doing was ignored by management. But our checks are ongoing and if we do find anything relevant we will give it straight to the police."