Jimmy Kimmel’s prank at Sunday's 64th Primetime Emmy Awards is likely to implicate a lot of people. The TV presenter would not omit any more details than that, though, leaving us waiting with bated breath to see what he does.

"I can't really say what it's gonna be, but it will be a big deal," Kimmel told Access Hollywood. "That's all I'll say." Well, he did say more, adding: "There will be a lot of people involved in it." Intriguing, huh? Jimmy went on to explain how things were different in his day. "It's funny - I grew up and I didn't have a television set, and now, I said [to my kids], 'Are you going to watch me on the Emmys?' - they're in college - and they said, 'We don't have a TV set,'" he said. "They watch everything on their computer now. We've really come full circle!"

Todd Gold, executive editor of Xfinity TV, can’t wait for the show to begin: "What makes this year's Emmys filled with such anticipation is that there are no easy predictions and that makes the show exciting." He added, "There was a period in the 1990s when the Emmys seemed so predictable. This is a year that really reflects the strength and depth of TV across the board." The ceremony will be held on September 23, 2012 at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, California.