Jimmy Kimmel's chat show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, used to air at midnight, but in a bid to compete with the other late night chat shows of his calibre, the station decided to move him forward a little. The new time seems to have worked, because he beat The Late Show with David Letterman, being bested only by The Tonight Show, reports CinemaBlend.

They say that Kimmel brought in a massive 3.1 million viewers, while Letterman managed to get just shy of 3 million, with 2.9. Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, however scored 3.3million. However, while Kimmel may be celebrating now, this is the first show of the new time slot which may garner some viewers of novelty, plus, he had a very special guest on the show: Jennifer Aniston. Ever since Friends and her marriage with Brad Pitt she has always been hot property when it comes to talk shows and magazines, so undoubtedly some of those 3 million people will have tuned in just to see her promote her latest movie Wanderlust.

Only time can tell, however, and Kimmel has a lot of celeb friends that will be willing to help him out in times of need. He's a seasoned veteran of talk-show hosting anyway, so even if 3 million occurs only on a good night, his average days wont be too far behind.