It’s been doing the rounds on the internet ever since it aired, the Jimmy Kimmel Coachella interviews video has been an absolute smash, with the talk show host making an ass out of many, um, ‘music fans’ at this year’s Coachella festival by getting them to praise bands who don’t even exist.

It’s well known that music fans would hate to admit they’ve not heard of an act who they’re led to believe everyone’s going on about, while at the same loving knowing about a band no one else does, but it’s remarkable the lengths that some of those interviewed by the Kimmel show will go to convince him that they’re really into completely fictional bands like The Chelsea Clintons, The Obesity Epidemic, and Regis & the Philbins. So many of them praise an act without missing a beat, so keen are they to seem knowledgeable – asked about The Obesity Epidemic, one fan instantly says “I just like their whole style, their whole genre.”

Our heart went out to the woman who was asked about the band Get The F*** Out Of My Pool, and who rambled on at such length despite clearly getting the sense that something was completely awry, though she answered with more conviction a question about The Chelsea Clintons, saying “they just give off good energy, you can just tell they’re doing it from a good place.” A non-existent place, in fact. See for yourself below.