This year's Emmy Award Show host Jimmy Kimmel should perhaps re-evaluate how he responds to his employer's decisions as he hit out at the Award's organisers for placing TV series American Horror Story in the 'Outstanding Mini-Series' category. At a press conference consisting largely of TV critics, he said bluntly that "it's not a miniseries - let's be honest," according to Entertainment Weekly.

The show's creator RYAN MURPHY, who also masterminded the more family-friendly Glee, had appealed to let AHS compete as a mini series on the grounds that it surpasses the criteria for a regular series. Chairman and Ceo of the Emmy ruling Academy of Television Arts & Sciences BRUCE ROSENBLUM has also defended the board's decision to place the show in the mini series category, stating that "the show clearly belonged in the miniseries category."

Whilst the inclusion of the show into the mini series category may look to be a bid for a more easy route to Emmy glory, the show still faces stiff competition from it's rival shows Luther and Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia.

At the press conference Kimmel went on to quip that next year he is going to see if his talk show can qualify as a mini series, adding; "it seems like a soft category."