Jimmy Kimmel, whose show is moving to a new 11.35pm time slot, targets rival Jay Leno in a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The pair have history: beginning in 1992 when Leno won the Tonight Show job over David Letterman. As a huge fan of the latter host, Kimmel felt the job was stolen away from his hero.

Kimmel explains that years later, Leno courted him with weekly phone calls. He needed the younger host to give up his midnight time slot in order to make his own show happen. In recent years, the Live! host has taken numerous swipes at Leno, including saying "F*** him" during an interview with Bill Carter. In the new "marijuana-enhanced" interview with Rolling Stone, Kimmel said, "Leno hasn't been a good stand-up in 20 years. As a comedian, you can't not have disdain for what he's done. He totally sold out. He was a master chef who opened a Burger King." Leno still performs a stand-up routine at the L.A.-area Comedy and Magic Club every Sunday.

The pair's rivalry is about to intensify more-so, with Kimmel moving to the 11.35pm time slot to join Leno and his hero Letterman. It begins on Tuesday (January 8, 2013) with guests Jennifer Aniston and No Doubt.