A battle of the giants is approaching – networks, hosts and late-night shows will be fighting it out for ratings this January, as the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC moves to a later time slot.

The switch to 11.35 might not seem like a big deal to most – after all it’s only 25 minutes later than Kimmel’s original slot, but it’s a move long prepped for by ABC and long dreaded by rival networks NBC and CBS. The new time slot puts Kimmel in direct competition for ratings with household names Jay Leno and David Letterman and this means a lot to the JKL host.

“I know moving from midnight to 11:35 might not sound like a big deal — it’s only 25 minutes — but it’s probably the most important 25 minutes of my life, since the first 14 times I had sex,” Kimmel told his audience in August, on the day ABC announced the change. The network has been grooming Kimmel for the promotion throughout last year, and it’ll be very interesting to see where the show goes from here. Meanwhile, Jay and David have reacted in very different ways to the news. While Letterman has given his blessing to the new competitor, Leno will be moving his show ahead by one minute, starting at 11.34. A whole minute ahead of the new rival. Somehow, we feel that that might not cut it in the fight for ratings.