Jimmy Fallon has come up with his own version of the viral 'First Kiss' video, and it is even more adorable.

The 39 year-old parodied the popular clip, directed by Tatia Pileva, which features 20 strangers, who are actors and models, sharing a kiss just after meeting each other.

The viral video was used as an advertisement for the LA-based clothing company, Wren Studio's fall 2014 clothing collection.

Fallon debut his version on 'The Tonight Show' this past Thursday (March 13th) and it was titled 'First Lick' as it featured a very cute cast of puppies and kittens.

"There's been a bunch of parodies," the TV host said on his latest show, when introducing the clip. "We decided we'll jump into the ring here. So we made a parody of our own, but we used puppies and kittens. I think it came out pretty well."

It definitely did come out well, and rather professional as well. In an array of black and gray artsy shots, several different breeds of puppies are frolicking around, before licking each other for the first time, and in one funny instance a dog sniff's another's rear end.

It also features a long-haired Persian kitten becoming acquainted with a basset hound.

The original video has been viewed online over 49 million times since it was uploaded earlier in the week on Monday (March 10th).

"People seem to be responding to the sweet, tender, authentic moments that they're watching," Melissa Coker, founder of Wren, told USA Today.

"It's a move away from the traditional commercial ... and more of a move to do something that lives on its own, beyond the cycle of the seasonability of the clothing."

Watch Jimmy Fallon's parody video, 'First Kiss,' below