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Jimmy Edgar
Color Strip'

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Jimmy Edgar Color Strip Album

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, a man after midnight…Here we are Ladies and Gents. The long awaited debut album from Detroit techno-electro-sleaze whiz kid, Jimmy Edgar. Does it deliver?...(presses play)...Oh wait, it's me who has to tell you…here goes.
'Color Strip', at least amongst the beat driven bass heads, has been eagerly anticipated ever since the release of his infectious 'Bounce, Make, Model' EP, remember it? Good, cause it was, and, loe and behold, so is this. Here the prodigal 22 year old delivers yet another sterling batch of his very own homegrown. Reeking of his Detroit roots, Edgars own brand R&B tinged glitch-hop sounds like no one else on the block, hence Warp being the governing body.
'Pret-a-porter' opens the show with saturated, effects laden vocals, punchy, chopped up, 1980's b-boyesque beats and rich synths tones that we have come to love from the first boy of the minimal-sleazecore. Mr. Edgar is intensely aware of his music and the elements of which it is concocted, this is demonstrated best through his vocal style, clearly a mockery of the superficial state of modern R&B. Constantly taking the role of the alpha male on the prowl, the majority of his lyrics come across as lame pick up lines. This could either be the subversive musical stance I read it as, or it could simply be a rather blunt suggestion at Edgar's motive for producing music. Either way it works for me and my ears are enjoying the experience…can't be bad right?!
I've read, heard and imagined mixed reviews about this album. The thing about Jimmy Edgar seems to be you either like him or you don't. Well I do, so there! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it…it's legal, don't worry.

Thom Holmes

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