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Jimmy Edgar
Velvet Underground
Live Review

Jimmy Edgar

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, can't you see, sometimes you beats just hypnotise me. Here we go kiddies. Picked fresh from the ever-blossoming tree that is Warp Records, Mr. Jimmy Edgar. For those unaware of his work, the 22 year-old Detroit born whiz kid creates his own brand of laid-back electro sleaze, and tonight he's here in Leeds to show us exactly how he does it.

First things first, Computer Controlled DJ's. These guys play ad gigs from break beat to obscure electronica, and I've never seen them not deliver a good set. This appearance is no exception. Rolling out gem after gem, covering from minimal to deep Detroit Techno, Dubstep, Dark Electro, Breakbeat, I could go on, but probably shouldn't, I do have a word limit. Anyway these fellas know how to work a crowd, and worked us like we were 8 year old Philipino Sweatshop workers.

Right, looking somewhat like a sharply dressed FallOutBoy fan, Mr Edgar is a book that you definitely shouldn't judge by its cover. Building up a synth roar with his trademark dark atmospheres and sharp electro punches. This is all well and good, I enjoy an improvised synth jam as much as the next guy, but he does take awhile to get into his set. This outta the way, and Edgar is knee deep into his perverted soundtrack. Playing favourites like 'My Beats' and 'Jefferson Interception', Edgar throws himself out there with deep kicks, detoit fuelled rhythms and rising synth tones. Ok, time to be abit critical, Jimmy if you're reading, I'm sorry, it's not personal. The slight speeding up of your tunes works for some of them, but 'My Beats'?? That wasn't cool. Only Kanye rocks his vocals at that speed. Maybe play it earlier in the set? Ok. On top of this I don't think the venue did Mr. Edgar and favours, as the platform that Jimmy was given to stand on was only visible through the DJ booth window, as a result only being enjoyed by those at the forefront of the action. Being petty? Probably, but I'm allowed to be.

Minor faults aside, he plays a really good set, and its great to get to see him play. As with most Room 237 nights, organiser Marcus Nobblett, plays a set, going under the newly assumed alias 'P45'. Like most sets he plays, he pays plenty of homage to Warp Records, dropping Aphex, Autechre and Squarepusher. Most people will tell you that playing Warp stuff at this kinda night is a safe bet, and this maybe so with some Warp, but Mr. Noblett doesn't have the usual warp selection in mind and pulls out b-sides and remixes that would make the even the seasoned electronica fan tingle. Good work all round I'd say.

Thom Holmes

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