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Screening of 'WINNING: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman'

Jim Norton - Screening of 'WINNING: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman' at the El Capitan Theatre at El Capitan Theatre - Hollywood, California, United States - Friday 17th April 2015

WINNING The Racing Life of Paul Newman Reception

Jim Norton - "WINNING: The Racing Life of Paul Newman" Pre-Premiere Reception at Roosevelt Hotel - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 17th April 2015

Jim Norton

New York premiere party of 'Cop Show'

Jim Norton - New York premiere party of 'Cop Show' at Caroline's On Broadway Comedy Club - Arrivals at Caroline's On Broadway - New York City, New York, United States - Monday 23rd February 2015

Between Riverside and Crazy Opening Night Party - Arrivals

Mary Norton and Jim Norton - Between Riverside and Crazy opening night party at the Atlantiv Theater Company - Arrivals. - New York, New York, United States - Friday 1st August 2014

Broadway Barks 16 - Arrivals

Jim Norton - Broadway Barks 16, a star-studded animal adoption event held in Shubert Alley - Arrivals. - New York, New York, United States - Saturday 12th July 2014

Jim Norton

Jimmy's Hall Trailer

Jimmy Gralton is a political activist in the 1930s with strong communist values. Unfortunately, this doesn't put him in the best light for Ireland's Catholic church, who consider he, his friends and associates to be antichrists. Jimmy runs a dance hall whereby he makes his views heard as the people of his town enjoy music and socialising as well as learning together and creating happy memories. The local priest doesn't see it as such a great thing though and he subsequently does his best to convince his parishioners that the hall brings nothing but evil to the neighbourhood. Those for the continuation of the hall's practises suddenly find themselves violently up against the protesting Catholic community, and two things that were always supposed to be about peace and civic spirit suddenly become armies who'll stop at nothing to defend their values.

'Jimmy's Hall' is a shocking Irish drama based on a true story during the 'Red Scare' in Ireland in the 1930s. BAFTA nominated director Ken Loach ('Sweet Sixteen', 'My Name Is Joe', 'The Navigators') is at the helm alongside screenwriter Paul Laverty ('The Wind That Shakes the Barley', 'The Angels' Share', 'Cargo'). It is scheduled to be released in the UK on May 30th 2014.

Water for Elephants Review

With a heavy dose of gold-hued nostalgia, this Depression-era drama works overtime to generate big romantic emotions. But the characters aren't quite interesting enough to really grab our sympathy. Besides the elephant.

On the verge of receiving his veterinary degree in 1931, Jacob (Pattinson) is left homeless by his parents' sudden death. Wandering aimlessly, he stumbles into the Benzini Brothers Circus and convinces gruff boss August (Waltz) to give him a shot. Soon he's training the new star Rosie, an elephant that will perform with August's wife Marlena (Witherspoon). There's a clear spark between Jacob and Marlena, who know better than to act on it due to Jacob's hot temper.

Sure enough, he grows insanely jealous, and with the circus on a financial knife-edge, real trouble is brewing.

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Water For Elephants Trailer

In the 1930's The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth was known as the best circus in America, a small and tight knit community of performers and animals who were all masters of their craft. When trainee veterinarian Jacob Jankowski finds himself as a passenger on their circus train he soon becomes part of the family. Hired to look after the animals he meets Marlena, a beautiful woman who performs as an equestrian star and her husband August, the head animal trainer; it doesn't take long for Jacob to see there's a sinister side to August's personality.

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Review

In Mark Herman's adaptation of John Boyne's controversial children's bestseller offering a kid's-eye view of Holocaust, the young eight-year-old Bruno (Asa Butterfield) has the wide, blue-eyed innocence of the unprotected. Sheltered and half in a fantasy world, he runs through city streets with his friends, his arms outstretched like wings, gliding untouched through the busy and congested world of adults. Herman bathes these opening scenes in a fantastic fairy-tale burnish, like a golden world ready to be lost.

Bruno shares a family dinner with his loving parents (Vera Farmiga and David Thewlis) and his older sister Gretel (Amber Beattie). With their sparkling British Masterpiece Theatre accents, the family appears as well-scrubbed paragons of British banality. (Even Richard Johnson, that great bastion of British nobility from the epics of the 1960s, is exhumed to appear as the family's Grandpa.) So it comes as a shock when Thewlis dons a German commandant's uniform for a going-away party and Herman quietly reveals that the Dad has been reassigned, taking the family with him. As Dad remarks, "Home is where the family is." In this case, however, home is Auschwitz and Dad is the new camp commandant, who will be supervising the mass exterminations.

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Boxed Review

I popped Boxed into the DVD player because the press release said it was "Like Reservoir Dogs... with priests!"

OK, that's interesting. One priest cutting off another priest's ear with the super sounds of the '70s in the background? Could be fun.

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Jim Norton

Jim Norton Quick Links

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