Rock legend Jim Morrison was molested as a child, according to the author of a shocking new expose into the tragic THE DOORS star's life.

In his new tome, JIM MORRISON: LIFE, DEATH, LEGEND, rock biographer Stephen Davis claims Morrison revealed his traumatic secret when he was interviewed by attorney MAX FINK as the pair worked to win an indecency charge against the iconic star in 1969.

The author recently took charge of the transcript of the Morrison interview, which was written up by Fink's wife after the lawyer's death.

Davis writes, "The lawyer said that he asked Jim why he had chosen to expose himself onstage in his home state of Florida. 'I thought it was a good way to pay homage to my parents,' Jim replied.

"Fink then asked what his parents had done to him... (He) then let slip that he'd been molested by a man when he was a boy. Jim refused to tell Max Fink who had molested him, except to say it was someone close to the family.

"When Jimmy tried to tell his mother, Fink claimed, she had gotten angry, called him a liar and insisted such a thing never could have happened.

"Fink said that Jim began to cry as he told him the story, and claimed Jim had said that he could never forgive his mother for this."

07/07/2004 02:22