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Fail: Even Jim Davidson Couldn’T Get Dappy Off An Assault Charge

By Michael West | 19th June 2014

Former N-Dubz singer Dappy has been found guilty of assaulting a man in an Essex nightclub. The 27-year-old – real name Dino Costas Contostvalos – attacked George Chittock in the early hours of February 27...

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Fascinating Fact: 4010058

4th January 2014

Boxing great Evander Holyfield, embattled British comedian Jim Davidson and veteran entertainer Lionel Blair have entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in England for the latest season of the reality Tv show. The trio joined...

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Jim Davidson "Delighted" After Sex Offences Allegations Are Dropped

By Michael West | 17th December 2013

Jim Davidson says he is "delighted" after the attorney general of the Falkland Islands confirmed that the comedian will not be prosecuted for an alleged sex offence from the 1980s. Jim Davidson Is Free To...

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Jim Davidson Sex Case Dropped

17th December 2013

British funnyman Jim Davidson has spoken of his relief after police decided to drop an investigation into sex offence allegations.The 60-year-old Tv veteran was arrested in March (13) after he was accused of assaulting a...

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Bbc Star Jim Davidson Avoids Charges After Investigation

21st August 2013

British comedian Jim Davidson will not face sex charges following an investigation into allegations against him.The beloved Tv host has consistently denied the allegations and now prosecutors overseeing his case have ruled he will face...

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Stuart Hall Sent To Prison For 15 Months: Is It Long Enough?

By Michael West | 17th June 2013

Stuart Hall's prison sentence was passed down at Preston Crown Court on Monday (June 17, 2013), with the veteran BBC broadcaster told he will serve 15 months for sexually abusing under-age girls. Hall, 83, of...

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Jim Davidson Rants About Arrest In Stand-up Show

22nd March 2013

British comedian Jim Davidson ranted about his arrest this week (20Mar13) and branded police officers "mental" as he returned to the stage for a stand-up show on Thursday night (21Mar13).The funnyman was first detained by...

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Comedian Jim Davidson Arrested Again Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

20th March 2013

British comedian Jim Davidson was arrested on Wednesday (20Mar13) for the second time in three months as part of the ongoing sex abuse investigation surrounding late U.K. Tv and radio star Jimmy Savile.The 59 year...

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Jim Davidson: "I've Never Forced Myself On A Girl In My Life"

By Michael West | 10th January 2013

A fired up Jim Davidson spoke of his dismay at being arrested in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex-abuse scandal this week. The former Generation Game host is accused of sexually molesting two women though...

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Jim Davidson On Celebrity Big Brother: "Shame I Missed It"

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th January 2013

Jim Davidson has spoken publically for the first time since his arrest as part of Operation Yewtree - the investigation put into motion after the Jimmy Savile sex Scandal was revealed. In a blog post...

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Esther Rantzen: "Operation Yewtree Needs To Change And Change Quickly"

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th January 2013

While most celebrities stay clear of Operation Yewtree, such is its sensitive nature, and widespread reportage, Esther Rantzen has publically condemned it for "tainting" the reputations of those arrestedIn an interview with the Sunday Post,...

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Will Jim Davidson Be Entering The Celebrity Big Brother House?

By Hayley Avron | 5th January 2013

Jim Davidson may still be making an appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother house, according to a report from the Daily Mail.Davidson was arrested on Wednesday (January 2, 2013), at Heathrow airport, on suspicion of...

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Police Clutch Evidence Bags After Searching Jim Davidson's Home

By Michael West | 3rd January 2013

The comedian Jim Davidson has been forced to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother after he was arrested at Heathrow airport in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. The entertainer was due to...

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"It’S Impossible To Think Any Less Of Him" – Frankie Boyle On Jim Davidson Sex Abuse Arrest

By Hayley Avron | 3rd January 2013

Yesterday, the comedian Jim Davidson was arrested by police working for Operation Yewtree, the investigation set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.Discussion about his arrest has been rife on social media...

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Frankie Dettori And Lindsay Lohan: Best Celebrity Big Brother, Ever?

By Michael West | 3rd January 2013

We can just imagine Frankie Dettori talking Lindsay Lohan through his epic Gold Cup win on Colour Vision at Royal Ascot last year, or the Hollywood star telling the jockey about her latest film The...

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Jim Davidson Arrested Under Operation Yewtree, Denies Claims

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd January 2013

As the scandal surrounding child abuse within television institutions continues to unravel in the U.K - brought about by sudden and rife accusations of Jimmy Savile's involvement after his death - Jim Davidson has been...

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Jim Davidson Arrested

2nd January 2013

Comedian Jim Davidson has "vigorously denied" sex abuse allegations levelled at him after he became the latest celebrity arrested in connection to an ongoing investigation into late British Tv star Sir Jimmy Savile.Davidson, 59, was...

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Jim Davidson Latest Shock Arrest In Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree Investigation

By Lorna Greville  | 2nd January 2013

As a part of the Jimmy Savile investigation 'Operation Yewtree', Jim Davidson has been the latest to be arrested.As the Independent reports, the comedian was arrested at his home in Hampshire after plain clothed policeman...

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Frank Carson Tributes Pour In After Comedian Dies, Aged 85

23rd February 2012

The Belfast-born comedian FRANK CARSON has died aged 85, after losing a battle with cancer. According to a report from BBC News, Carson had been suffering with ill health for some time and passed away...

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Jim Davidson Gets Driving Ban For Speeding In Aston Martin

18th August 2011

Jim Davidson, the British comic and former host of Snooker show 'Big Break', has been banned from driving for six months after refusing to name the driver of his car when it was caught speeding,...

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Fascinating Fact 11121

19th March 2011

British comedian Jim Davidson has cancelled his first play part-way through its tour of the U.K. after poor ticket sales.

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Claudia Winkleman Named As New Hell's Kitchen Host

23rd March 2009

Claudia Winkleman has won her first primetime hosting position and will present the next series of Hell's Kitchen, it has been announced.The 37-year-old will take over from Angus Deayton when the fourth series of the...

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Hell's Kitchen Finalists Ready For Final

17th September 2007

Barry McGuigan and Adele Silva are gearing up for the biggest culinary challenge of their lives in the final of ITV1's Hell's Kitchen.The winner of the controversial reality TV show will be decided tonight in...

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Davidson Sacked After 'Shirtlifter' Row

11th September 2007

TV presenter Jim Davidson has been axed from ITV series Hell's Kitchen after a run-in with former Big Brother winner Brian Dowling.The former Big Break presenter and stand-up comedian was reprimanded by Dowling after he...

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Boycott Gets The Chop From Hell's Kitchen

7th September 2007

Rosie Boycott, the former editor of the Independent newspaper, has become the first contestant to get the boot from Hell's Kitchen.The reality show pits celebrity chefs against one another under the scrutiny of Marco Pierre...

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Generation Game To Return

4th April 2007

Classic TV game show The Generation Game is to return with its legendary host Bruce Forsyth at the helm.UKTV Gold will screen the revamped show, known as The Generation Game: Then Again, later this year...

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Davidson Declared Bankrupt

6th July 2006

British comedian/TV presenter JIM DAVIDSON has been declared bankrupt after failing to pay a GBP1.4 million ($2.5 million) tax bill. Davidson claims that Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs refused to negotiate new terms as he...

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Malkovich Plays Kubrick Conman

23rd November 2005

JOHN MALKOVICH is to play the conman who convinced Britain he was reclusive movie mogul STANLEY KUBRICK in the early 1990s in a new film. The BEING JOHN MALKOVICH star will play ALAN CONWAY...

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