A reality TV show (of sorts) for those who don't watch reality TV but would still prefer to feel above it all, Games People Play bills itself as the pilot episode of "America's most uninhibited game show" but seems to have pretensions of being a film that people would pay money to see. Please don't.

The filmmaker, James Ronald Whitney, doubles as the host for this game show, which picks a half-dozen contestants (three women, three men) from the hundreds of hopefuls who answer an ad for "completely uninhibited, attractive" actors who want the chance to win a $10,000 prize. (As far as I can tell, this is all on the up and up -- it's a real game show, with real prizes, not a mockumentary.) The selection process is a serious grind, with contestants made to go up and tell their most painful memories in detail to the group, act out an erotic little playlet, and do everything possible to show how uninhibited they are. Even though the film tosses around the word "uninhibited" as though the filmmakers were earning a commission on how many times they could use it, none of the contestants who are chosen establish any sort of rapport with the camera, and no amount of getting naked (and there's a lot of it) or crying about their tortured childhoods (a suspicious amount of this, as all six conveniently have a horrific story to tell) makes up for that fact.

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