The woman who appeared on stage and claimed to be the daughter of late comedian Andy Kaufman was part of a hoax, according to reports on a US website. Kaufman's brother Michael has been implicated in the elaborate hoax, but denies he had any part in hiring the actress.

Alexandra Tatarsky appeared at the 9th Annual Andy Kaufman awards at the Gothan Comedy Club in New York on Monday evening (11th November). She claimed, standing alongside Kaufman's brother Michael, that Kaufman's death in 1984 was a hoax and that the comedian had merely retired to be "a stay-at-home dad."

TMZ obtained video footage of the announcement in which Tatarsky awkwardly discussed her home life. She claimed her 'father' was touched by the awards and watched them on YouTube every year. Tatarsky continued by saying her 'father' had planned on attending the awards ceremony as he wasn't sure how long he could continue hiding "this part of himself." 

Kaufman died of lung cancer three decades ago. A number of rumours surrounding his death have circulated since, as Kaufman allegedly expressed a wish to fake his own death.

However, reports suggest Tatarsky's appearance was the actual hoax. It seems Tatarsky had a biological father: a New York doctor. Furthermore, as The Smoking Gun reports, 24-year-old Tatarsky is an actress hired by Michael Kaufman to play the role of his niece. 

Tatarsky appears to have been well acquainted with Kaufman's life as she met Michael Kaufman at a Manhattan gallery whilst she was working on an exhibit about Kaufman's life. 

Michael Kaufman has denied any involvement in the scheme. He told CNN the report is "not true." Whether or not Kaufman believes the hoax is not certain. He claimed to still be "processing" the event of Monday night and was not angry but had "mixed emotions." 

Kaufman was portrayed by Jim Carrey in the 1999 film Man of the Moon. His death hoax was referred to at the end of the film, which left the question open ended.