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Jet Li Battling Mystery Blood Disease

22nd September 2006

Martial arts star JET LI is suffering from a mystery blood disorder. The Chinese action man has baffled medics after calling on them to help him battle the crippling pain he felt after completing work...

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Jet Li Says He'll Give Up Martial Arts Films

21st September 2006

Expressing displeasure over the fact that the theme of martial arts movies is "always revenge," Jet Li has told the Los Angeles Times that he will no longer make such films. Li made his remarks...

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Li Quits Martial Arts Films Because He's Tired Of The Pain

19th September 2006

Action man JET LI chose to quit making wushu martial arts movies because he's tired of hurting himself and others. The ROMEO MUST DIE star, 43, admits age is catching up with him and he's...

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Jet Li Injured In Fight Scene Fall

18th September 2006

Martial arts action man JET LI was left beaten and bruised on the set of his new movie FEARLESS when a terrified stuntman lost his balance in a fight scene - and the pair tumbled...

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Jackson Lands Li/chan Film

16th August 2006

LORD OF THE RINGS director PETER JACKSON is in talks to bring martial arts movie heroes JACKIE CHAN and JET LI together on the big screen. The movie-maker has been signed to direct an untitled...

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Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift Holds UK Top Spot

28th June 2006

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT continues to sit atop the UK and Irish box-office chart for the second weekend in a row. The third installment in the racing car franchise took GBP1 million...

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Li Haunted By Memories Of Aaliyah

23rd May 2006

JET LI hated returning to Vancouver, Canada to make new movie ROUGE, because he is still grieving for R+B star AALIYAH, who he was with the last time he visited the city. The pair made...

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Li Film In Defamation Row

9th March 2006

The producers of action star JET LI's latest film are being sued by the grandson of a legendary Chinese kung fu master for allegedly defaming the ancestor. FEARLESS sees Li take on the role of...

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Eminem Video Director Reunites Li And Statham

26th January 2006

EMINEM's favourite video director is to make his feature film debut by bringing THE ONE stars JET LI and JASON STATHAM back together. PHILIP G ATWELL, who has directed the rap star's last nine...

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Jet Li Quits Kung Fu Movies

6th December 2005

Chinese superstar JET LI is retiring from Kung Fu films because he wants to be recognised as an actor, rather than a marital arts expert. The HERO star, 42, told students at China's prestigious...

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Jet Li Married His First Wife Out Of Duty

By Steven Williams | 29th November 2005

Chinese acting legend, Jet Li, has revealed that he married his first wife out of a sense of duty, and not because the two were in love. He had met his first wife at school...

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Lopez + Fonda Claim The Top Spot On The Us Box Office Chart

16th May 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ's movie fortunes have taken a turn for the better in America - her new comedy MONSTER-IN-LAW has debuted at the top. After a string of poorly-received flops, which was capped off by...

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Jet Li Almost Quit For Buddhism

16th May 2005

Martial arts superstar JET LI almost quit acting to become a Buddhist monk - but he was advised to stick to his movie career by his religious guru. The Chinese movie star still meditates...

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Rza Pens Emotional Song For Jet Li Movie

11th May 2005

WU-TANG CLAN star RZA has moved away from his hardcore rap roots to pen an emotional song especially for martial arts ace JET LI. Rza, real name ROBERT DIGGS, has created original music for...

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Jet, Djimon And Hayden To Set Sail With Sinbad?

15th April 2005

JET LI, DJIMON HOUNSOU and STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN will set sail with KEANU REEVES in the updated SINBAD movie if director ROB COHEN gets his way. The XXX movie maker is hoping...

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East Asian Stars Sing For Tsunami Victims

10th January 2005

Over 150 singers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan joined forces on Friday (07JAN05) to raise money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami in a charity concert. The huge line-up at the Crossing...

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Jet Li Recalls Tsunami Terror

9th January 2005

Martial arts superstar JET LI has spoken of his terror, running from the Indian Ocean tidal wave last month (26DEC04). The HERO actor was holidaying in the Maldives with his family, when the tsunami...

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Open Water Directors Survive Tsunami

4th January 2005

Married OPEN WATER movie-makers CHRIS KENTIS and LAURA LAU have joined PETRA NEMKOVA and JET LI on the list of celebrity tsunami survivors. The couple - who rose to prominence last year (04) when...

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Jet Li Escapes Tsunamis

29th December 2004

Martial arts superstar JET LI risked death in the Maldives at the weekend (26DEC04) when he and his daughter were caught up in the tsunamis that rocked Asia. The HERO star were vacationing when...

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Jet Li Is Content With Success

4th November 2004

JET LI is thrilled to have become a star in mainstream Hollywood, but he's not afraid of failure. The kung-fu star has successfully transferred his Far Eastern success to America, with martial arts movie...

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Jet Li: 'Terrorist Victims Are Paying For Bad Karma'

13th October 2004

HERO star JET LI is set to provoke outrage, after claiming those who die in terrorist attacks are being paid back for crimes they committed in another life. The kung fu actor is a...

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Jet Li Hunts For Bigger Home

27th September 2004

Martial arts hero JET LI is making the most of his success in America - he's selling his California mansion so he can buy a bigger one. The HERO star has listed his seven-bedroom,...

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Jackie Chan: 'I've Been Typecast'

24th September 2004

Martial arts legend JACKIE CHAN is sick of playing kung-fu fighters in movies and complains he's been typecast. The KARATE KID star is desperate to become a "real actor" by taking on roles other...

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Resident Evil Sequel Top Us Box Office

13th September 2004

Actress MILLA JOVOVICH's sci-fi sequel RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE has ended JET LI film HERO's two-week reign at the top of the American box office, earning $23.7 million (GBP13.1 million). KIM BASINGER's thriller CELLULAR, the...

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Jet Li Thanks Tarantino For Hero Success

8th September 2004

Martial arts hero JET LI is so thrilled with the success of his movie HERO in America, he's taken out a full-page advertisement thanking QUENTIN TARANTINO for transporting it from China. The film, which...

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Jet Li's Career Kept Going By Tibetan Monk

1st September 2004

Martial arts hero JET LI has a Tibetan monk to thank for his movies success - because he would have quit showbusiness years ago if they'd never met. The ROMEO MUST DIE star, who...

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Jet Li's Hero Attacked

31st August 2004

JET LI's acclaimed movie HERO has been slammed by Chinese officials, who accuse it of pushing a political agenda. The film, which opened at $18 million (GBP10 million) in America over the weekend (27-29AUG04)...

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Jet Li's Hero Tops American Box Office

30th August 2004

Actor JET LI's acclaimed martial arts movie HERO has fought its way to the top of the American box office, with an opening haul of $17.8 million (GBP9.8 million). ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE...

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Tarantino Brings Jet Li's Film To America

19th August 2004

Cult movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is being hailed a hero by the producers of JET LI's new movie HERO, after turning the low-budget film into a must-see summer hit in America. The director, a huge...

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Jet Li To Become A Monk For New Movie

16th August 2004

Martial arts star JET LI is set to ditch his usual high-action antics to play a Buddhist monk. The ROMEO MUST DIE star admits he's ready to try something totally different for his next...

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