Picture - Jessie J, Lauren Goodger and Lydia , Wednesday 4th April 2012

Jessie J, Lauren Goodger and Lydia - Celebrities attended the Blackberry BBM party in South London venue Bankside Vaults on Tuesday evening, but the night ended with a shocking stabbing inside. Witnesses told photographers that two men became involved in an argument, before one of them plunged a broken bottle into the other man's neck, causing life-threatening injuries. Jessie J was reportedly coming off stage at the time of the incident. Around seven police vans and two ambulances arrived at the venue and the injured man was taken out of the club on a stretcher, with blood pouring from his neck and his clothes covered in blood. Police later brought out a man in handcuffs, who was wearing a jacket over his head to protect his identity. Hundreds of people were reportedly prevented from leaving the area by security and police, who kettled them into an adjacent car park. People were seen screaming and shouting and even kicking down barriers in a bid to leave. The guests, which included The Only Way Is Essex stars Lydia Bright and Lauren Goodger, were questioned one at a time by a large group of police officers, before eventually being allowed to leave. The last of the guests eventually left at 2.30am. Wednesday 4th April 2012 Roxanne McKee leaving the Blackberry BBM party, held at Bankside Vaults.