Jessie J has been the darling of the UK version of 'The Voice', her appearance as a voice coach lighting up a competition that at times has been a little dreary. However whilst the singer has been impressing critics, she's not been too impressed with the show, and in a recent magazine - she laid into the program and admitted that she wished she'd waited to find out who else was on the judging panel before signing up.
"I was first to sign up (as a judge) because I was totally up for it", the UK's Sun newspaper reported her as saying, "But when Tom Jones said he waited until he knew the line-up, I thought I should have, too. It's been scary at times but it's one thing in my life, not the only thing. My second album is my focus."
Oh dear; furthermore she said she would never audition for the show even if her music career slowed down, unlike certain members of 5IVE then. Jessie said: "I wouldn't enter myself in 20 years' time. I feel like I've worked hard enough to stay here, even if I end up behind closed doors doing make-up. I'll always be around." Well thank goodness for that.