Review of Angel EP by Jessie Deluxe

Jessie Deluxe

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Jessie Deluxe - Angel - Candy - I Know - EP Review

Jessie Deluxe

Angel - Candy - I Know

For more information, please contac t Dave Rowntree the CD stated leading me to think, "No, It Can't Be," however some research later, clarified that the person named is Blur's very own, and from the first time Dave Rowntree heard Hollywood band Jessie Deluxe, he was hooked, so much so that he decided he would become their manager.

The band, currently sporting their debut release, surely cannot complain at that credential, and must surely have learnt a thing or two

Jessie Deluxe - Angel - Candy - I Know - EP Review

about the British music industry. The release, a three track EP is an energetic offering, and has a hint of pop-punk angst, very much like the British own Republica of the 90s, but bringing with it a modern sound to get with the times. The sound is commercial, but intelligent and angsty, shining through a rock-pop exterior, and resembling Hole as opposed to the covert intelligent sound of Carina Round and PJ Harvey, who they also imitate successfully at times. One of these times is first track "Angel" which shines mature vocals, accompanied by frenetic guitar riffs, to emanate attitude. "Candy" the second track on the EP, grabs the listeners interest with more angst, a fine example of the pop punk mentioned before, the vocals are Hole, and Chicks On Speed like, shouty and attitude filled, this would be the perfect album opener with it's catchy chorus which crashes in relentlessly with a "Notice Us" nature.

" Hello, Hello, Hello, Goodbye"

The song certainly expresses a brash confidence that reflects the personalityof the band and their music, and which would have them shooting up the chartsfaster than a NASA expedition taking off. Final tune "I Know" reelsyou in with Smashing Pumpkins like chugging guitar rhythms and irresistible riffs,one minute you could be listening to a parent-teenager dispute over the volumeof their music, the next, there enters a classy, and melodic vocal style, withsome scathing, rather than angry lyrics to match. Whether it's a mish mash ofteen angst and rock pop, that floats your boat, or whether you prefer some classyand intelligent angst, Jessie Deluxe certainly have something for you. Hole fanseverywhere have something to celebrate.

Katherine Tomlinson