Pregnant Jessica Simpson suffered a security scare recently after finding a paparazzo hiding in the garage at her Los Angeles home.
The singer/actress revealed her fright at the intruder incident during an interview with Elle magazine, conducted at the end of last year (Dec11) and published in the new April (12) issue.
She told the publication, "Today there was this photographer in the parking garage. I don't even know how he got there!"
The mum-to-be, who has since tightened up her security, also admitted to relying on a sly trick to dodge the photographers when she's out and about - renting cars so she can easily switch from vehicle to vehicle.
The car change trick has frequently helped Simpson escape the ever-present snappers, who follow her every move, because the star can easily drive into a parking garage in one set of wheels, and make a quick getaway in another.
Recalling how she found the trespassing photographer in her garage, she said, "I rent so many cars that I don't know why I own one (a garage)!"