Jessica Simpson marked her impending wedding by throwing a bachelorette party in Los Angeles over the weekend (07-08Jun14).

The singer/actress is rumoured to have picked America's Independence Day (04Jul14) for her wedding to Eric Johnson, and she celebrated her final few weeks as a single woman by partying with her friends and family on Sunday (08Jun14).

Simpson hosted a joint party with Johnson at the Warwick bar in L.A. and was joined by her parents, her fiance's father, and around 40 friends.

Simpson's bridesmaid Stephanie Terblanch tells, "They didn't want a traditional bachelor-bachelorette where they go off and do their own thing, because our group of friends is so close we just wanted to all be together. This is what we would do anyway. We would all go out, and I think that this speaks for the group. If we are not going to be at someone's house hanging out playing beer pong, this is the closest thing to it."