Jessica Simpson may have turned over $1 billion with her fashion range, but some commentators have speculated the singer's celebrity bubble may have finally burst as she prepares to give birth to her first child. The pregnancy was amongst the worst kept secrets in the entertainment world before she announced it on Halloween.
Speaking to the Huffington Post, 'Cult of Celebrity' author Cooper Lawrence suggests Jessica is unlikely to be offered a multi-million dollar magazine deal for the first baby shots, saying, "Jessica isn't as relevant as she used to be.She's making shoes now. Her baby daddy isn't famous enough for anyone who doesn't know her personally to care, and the trend of celebrity baby photos is done for the consumer as well". Cooper went on to suggest the magazine-buying public would probably be interested again when Jessica's child, reportedly a girl, gets much older, adding, "Let us know if when the kid is 10 it has its first kiss with Mason Kardashian. Then we'll talk". Despite the author's prediction, it seems U.S. magazines are still happy to shell out the big bucks for photographs of interest - People magazine allegedly spent $3.1 million for the first look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's baby 'Shiloh', while Nicole Richie was reportedly offered $1 million for photos of her daughter in 2008. Elsewhere, Christina Aguilera allegedly received $2 million for pictures of her son, while Jennifer Lopez is said to have pocketed a massive $6 million for snaps of twins Max and Emme.
Editor-in-Chief of Bonnie Fuller agrees that it's unlikely Jessica will make six-figures for her baby photos. The internet has become a powerful tool for fans of celebrities and the print magazines are struggling to offer exclusive 'first look' photographs. As Fuller puts it, "Simpson will be able to make a sale, but I doubt it will be a six-figure sale.If I was her, I'd appreciate the fact that I've got a billion-dollar fashion business."