OSCAR winner Jessica Lange was "conned" into getting a tattoo on her left wrist by her daughter.

The Rob Roy actress had her first tattoo - a crescent moon on her hip - in Paris when she was 19, and now she has a Celtic design on her wrist, thanks to her daughter SHURA (corr).

She explains, "She conned me into doing it. She said, 'Mom, let's go and get a tattoo together that will connect us forever,' but I think it was just a way for her to get a tattoo, but I bought into it. She was underage."

Her first tattoo was almost a recreation of THE LAST SUPPER.

She adds, "I arrived in Paris and I was 19. I went to the Pigalle; it was a really rough neighbourhood.

"Every design he had was like the crucifix, a sinking ship or The Last Supper so I had to find something small. It was either that or The Last Supper."

05/12/2003 09:06