Jessica Biel reckons she hasn't done anything to prepare for her wedding to Justin Timberlake yet, according to her recent interview with Chicago Sun-Times (July 30, 2012). Is this really the case? Or was Jessica simply trying to put the intrepid reporter off the scent? After all, it has been rumoured that the two young Hollywood stars are planning to wed later this summer. And frankly, we're running out of summer here, so it could potentially be very soon indeed.
Still, the Total Recall actress put forward a very convincing case for why she hasn't been focusing on the wedding just yet. Apparently, she says, she is simply trying to focus on enjoying her engagement. "I'm just enjoying being engaged.
"I do feel like there is a lot of time and nothing needs to be rushed," she says, adding, "Everyone tells me that being engaged is the really special moment.
"Not that it gets bad when you get married! But being engaged is just absolutely amazing. You're in this romantic, ahhhhh, breathless moment that I'm just trying to extend as long as possible."
Jessica also took some time to chat about her career - specifically her role in the forthcoming Total Recall remake. She wasn't a massive fan of the film at the time of its release but has since come to love it, she explains: "I saw the original film as a teenager. I don't really have a strong memory of seeing it," Biel confesses. "I didn't grow up dying over that movie. But when I saw it again, I thought, 'It's such a fun movie." So how did she fare when she had to square up to Kate Beckinsale in a fight scene? "I wasn't scared of her. But I was nervous because she has done so many action movies. I wanted to be up to par, and Kate does action like it's nothing. I wanted to be a worthy adversary." The movie's released on Friday, so we'll have to wait until then to see how that scrap panned out.