Jessica Biel credits martial arts with helping her maintain her stunning figure.

The beautiful actress is famed for her amazing body and she admits she works hard at it but has now found an exercise which makes her look and feel good.

She said: "I'm really into martial arts now - it's the most amazing workout ever! And, since I've been working with a partner, I've learned some awesome self-defence moves and most importantly, how to redirect someone's energy. It gives me a real sense of empowerment."

Jessica is also a fan of yoga as it helps both her body and skin.

The 29-year-old beauty told LOOK magazine: "Yoga definitely helps me with my beauty routine - when I'm stressed, it starts to show in my skin. Anything I can do to relax my mind will give me better body and skin."

Her other tip to looking good, is getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water, saying: "I don't always have perfect skin, and I'm sure most women feel that way. I think healthy skin comes as much from within as from the outside, so a healthy lifestyle is important, drinking plenty of water and getting lots of sleep are essential. Plus I incorporate omega 3 into my diet and lots of coconut oil and coconut butter."