Jessica Alba reprises her role as stripper Nancy Callahan in the hotly anticipated sequel 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For,' which opened today, and she undoubtedly fits the role of a sexy, strong willed woman physically, but being mother has also helped her relate to her character mentally.

Jessica Alba
Alba as stripper Nancy Callahan in 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'

The 33 year-old actress and her husband Cash Warren, 35, who have been married for six years, are the proud parents of two daughters, Honor, 6, and Haven, 3. And according to Alba, experiencing motherhood has left her feeling "fearless."

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"I don't have anything to lose," the 'Honey' actress told People magazine. "I feel like I've done all the hard work. I really was married to my work for so long that I've kind of been there, done that. I was ready for a new phase in my life."

"When I became a mom, I just kind of opened up and got a new perspective. I have a fearlessness and a confidence that I think you can only get with experience and age. Some people get it earlier, but it took me a while," she continued.

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Apart from acting, Alba is the CEO of The Honest Company, a business that sells eco-friendly baby products, but when asked if she prefers having a job that doesn't require to be in front of a camera all the time, the brunette beauty insisted this career can also be sexy.

Jessica Alba
The 33 year-old star says experiencing motherhood has made her "fearless"

"What's great is that when you're older and sexy, you're not really just a one-trick pony," Alba explained. "There is so much more that goes along with it. Intelligence is sexy, confidence is sexy, knowledge is sexy. At work, I'm wearing a completely different hat. It's a pretty creative environment, but there's a lot of data and analytics, a lot of boring meetings, just straight business stuff. It's cool, though!"