Jessica Alba insists her life isn't perfect.

The 30-year-old actress constantly feels guilty that she isn't able to spend enough time with her daughters Honor, four, and six-month-old Haven - her kids with husband Cash Warren - as she would like to.

She said: ''It's not perfect. I'm constantly feeling I should be spending more time at home. I installed a kids' corner in the office, and the baby is really easy right now. But every day is evolving and changing. If I'm not going to be home all day, I know I'll be home at night.''

The brunette beauty also admitted becoming a mother has finally made her feel completely comfortable in her own skin.

She explained in an interview with La Confidential magazine:

''I feel like I've finally come into my own and become the person I always should have been, or that I always wanted to be. I feel more grounded, free and comfortable in my own skin than I ever have.''

Jessica also claimed becoming a parent has made her more adventurous with fashion.

She added: ''I didn't use to wear a lot of colour. I guess I've been more adventurous with my style and clothes choice.

''It doesn't feel as heavy or as big a deal. Before I was incredibly bashful and shy. When I was younger, I was really uncomfortable in dresses and high heels or anything like that.''