Jessica Alba felt alienated on the set of new thriller THE KILLER INSIDE ME - because the cast and crew refused to talk to her while she was made up to look beaten and bruised.
The actress stars as a woman who is beaten beyond recognition by a psychotic killer, played by Casey Affleck, and admits her co-workers avoided her before she filmed the graphic scene because her gory make-up was so disturbing.
She explains, "(The shoot) was a couple of days. I was (emotionally) a complete mess. It was hot, and the latex (make-up) was hot. Nobody would talk to me; it made people around me really uncomfortable."
But Alba has defended the violent moment, insisting it reveals her character's true nature: "It's the scene that tells you the most about her. She didn't hit back, she didn't fight, she just let him do it. There's no hands in the air, no blocking it. It's a really disturbing movie, a really disturbing character - but it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be awful... I felt she had a death wish, because she was always egging him on and provoking him. She finally found a man who was man enough to go through with it."