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Alba Turns On Dolphins

6th June 2006

Sexy star JESSICA ALBA is always careful when she's scuba diving, because she doesn't like attracting amorous dolphins. The actress discovered horny cetacean mammals got aroused by her presence when she was a youngster, shooting...

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Wedding Crashers Storms Mtv Movie Awards

4th June 2006

Matrimony mayhem movie WEDDING CRASHERS was the big winner at last night's (03JUN06) MTV Movie Awards - picking up three prizes, including the coveted best film trophy. Funnymen VINCE VAUGHN and OWEN WILSON were lauded...

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Longoria Tops Hot List

15th May 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA has scored the top spot in Maxim magazine's annual Hot 100 list for the second year in a row. The list names the most successful women in film, TV, music,...

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Fascinating Fact 1456

2nd May 2006

SIN CITY actress JESSICA ALBA is the only star to feature on 'hot' lists in sister US publications People, People En Espanol and Teen People at the same time.

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Alba To Host Mtv Movie Awards

1st May 2006

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA will host the 2006 MTV Movie Awards on 3 June (06). The 25-year-old star is herself nominated for three awards for her performances in SIN CITY (Sexiest Performance) and FANTASTIC FOUR...

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Alba Forgives Playboy

5th April 2006

LATEST: JESSICA ALBA has forgiven Playboy founder HUGH HEFNER for putting her on the March 2006 cover of the soft-porn publication, after he pledged to donate substantial sums to charities of the actress' choice. The...

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Alba Slams Mtv For Chimp Kiss

2nd April 2006

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA has hit out at MTV bosses for conning her into kissing a chimpanzee for the Most Romantic Moment Award at MTV's Movie Awards. The 24-year-old actress had been filming a special...

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Alba Sick Of Playing Sex Kitten

23rd March 2006

SIN CITY star JESSICA ALBA is sick of playing sex kittens on screen, and would love to star in a romantic comedy. The actress says she is tired of playing the token sexy female and...

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The Things They Say 1645

16th March 2006

"Girls have tried to go into the old mooch for me, but I'm not into girls." JESSICA ALBA disappoints men everywhere.

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Ashlee + Alicia Top Makeover List

15th March 2006

ASHLEE SIMPSON, ALICIA KEYS and LINDSAY LOHAN have topped a new list of the best celebrity makeovers. Pop star Simpson's decision to ditch her dark punk pop locks for a new classic blonde style has...

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Carlisle Wants Alba For Biopic

10th March 2006

Former GO-GO's frontwoman BELINDA CARLISLE is making a film based on her life and insists JESSICA ALBA would be the perfect person to play her. The all-girl band enjoyed success in the 1980's with their...

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Alba Still Furious About Playboy Cover

7th March 2006

LATEST: JESSICA ALBA is still fuming with Playboy publishers for ignoring her pleas to stay out of the men's magazine. Alba threatened legal action after Playboy bosses put her on the cover of the latest...

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The Things They Say 1525

6th March 2006

"I try to exercise, drink water and eat desserts." Oscars presenter JESSICA ALBA on how she achieved her Academy Awards look last night (05MAR06)....

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Alba Sports New Tattoo At The Oscars

6th March 2006

JESSICA ALBA topped off her VERSACE look at the Oscars last night (05MAR06) with a new tattoo on the back of her neck. The actress, her mother and an aunt all had ladybird tattoos as...

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Playboy Hit Back At Alba

3rd March 2006

LATEST: American men's magazine Playboy has fired back at JESSICA ALBA's claims they implied she had posed naked by placing her on their front cover, insisting many A-list stars have graced the page without appearing...

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Longoria Loves Celebrity Neighbours

2nd March 2006

Actress EVA LONGORIA has a real-life network of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES-style friends living in her neighbourhood - but they're all celebrities. The star lives close to fellow actresses JESSICA ALBA and EVA MENDES and pop star...

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Alba Wants To Sue Hefner

1st March 2006

Fiery Latina JESSICA ALBA has threatened Playboy lothario HUGH HEFNER with legal action, insisting the March (06) issue of his magazine suggests she poses "nude or semi-nude". The FANTASTIC FOUR beauty shot off a...

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Madonna Collects Trl Lifetime Achievement Honour

27th February 2006

Pop superstar MADONNA was honoured with an MTV TOTAL REQUEST LIVE (TRL) Lifetime Achievement Award in New York City on Saturday night (25FEB06). U2 frontman BONO was also lauded for his humanitarian efforts, taking...

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Marcia Tops Hollywood Hair Poll

23rd February 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star MARCIA CROSS has been crowned the hairstyle queen of Hollywood in a new magazine poll. The editors of American publication In Touch have given the red head the honour of having...

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Walker Keen To Spend Life With Alba

9th February 2006

PAUL WALKER developed such strong feelings for JESSICA ALBA on the set of INTO THE BLUE, he now wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The 32-year-old is obsessed by his...

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Alba Tops New Playboy Sex List

7th February 2006

Actress JESSICA ALBA has topped a new list of sexy stars, which has earned her a Playboy magazine cover. The SIN CITY beauty joins the likes of JAMIE PRESSLY, JENNY McCARTHY, HALLE BERRY, PAMELA...

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Jolie Heading To Sin City?

3rd February 2006

Actress ANGELINA JOLIE has met with director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ to discuss joining the cast of the sequel to his hit film SIN CITY. Jolie caught up with the DESPERADO director joining JESSICA ALBA, CLIVE...

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Alba Tops Perfect Girlfriend Poll

30th January 2006

Sexy SIN CITY star JESSICA ALBA is the perfect girlfriend, according to a new Internet poll. The Latino actress beat SIENNA MILLER and ANGELINA JOLIE on the Best Girlfriend Material list. More...

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Korn Stage Halloween Party To Launch Us Tour

17th January 2006

Heavy rockers KORN celebrated Halloween early this year (06) by staging a launch party for their upcoming US tour at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Reclusive GUNS N' ROSES star AXL ROSE...

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Whedon Wants Baccarin As His Wonder Woman

11th January 2006

Brazilian actress MORENA BACCARIN has emerged as the new favourite to play WONDER WOMAN on the big screen. The action movie's writer/director JOSS WHEDON has let it slip that the actress is his new...

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Lachey Looking For A Jessica Alba Who Loves Sport

10th January 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's estranged husband NICK LACHEY is narrowing down his search for a new woman after splitting from the singer last year (NOV05) - he wants a JESSICA ALBA look-a-like who has bedded 10 guys...

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Depp Tops Imdb Star Search

30th December 2005

Hollywood hunk JOHNNY DEPP was the most searched name in movies this year (05), by users of internet film bible More film fans searched for the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN hunk's biography and...

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The Things They Say 706

28th November 2005

"I was ugly and awkward as a kid. I had braces. I had pretty bad buckteeth and I had a lisp for a while. And I was pigeon-toed. I really had my moments with the...

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Alba Fears Whore Typecast

9th November 2005

Movie beauty JESSICA ALBA fears she is being typecast, because she only gets offered role as whores and sexy maids. The SIN CITY actress is grateful for the opportunities she has been given in...

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